Body parts of the bee

The body of honeybees is divided into three major parts which are the head, thorax and abdomen. Let us take a closer look at these and some other body parts of bees.

Head – the head of the bee is dominated by two large compound eyes. There are three small ocelli or simple eyes between the compound eyes. The bees’ vision is different from that of humans.

Antennae – This is located almost at the center of the face. The antenna is made of a basal stalk or scrape and another longer segmented flagellum.

Mouth – The mouth of the bees is comprised of the mandibles or the jaws which are suspended from the head at the sides. Their mandibular gland of the queen secretes a substance responsible for maintenance of the social organization of the colony.

Thorax – is the middle part of their body where the legs and the wings are attached. Each pair of legs performs different activities for the bee’s grooming and for pollen collection.

Abdomen – is where the digestive and reproductive organs are located. The sting is located at the end of the abdomen.
Being a social insect, a honeybee can fly about 15 mph, collect nectar from flower to flower and bring it back to the hive. The three types of bees with varying duties inside the hive are:

  • The queen who lays eggs
  • The workers who basically do much of the work like gathering food, tending to eggs, building honeycombs and guarding the hive
  • The drones that are male bees whose main duty is to mate with the queen.

Being Social creatures, a colony of honeybees have no self value and instinctively work as a whole in order to survive. Now you know what’s going on inside the honeybee hive. Next we are going to take a look at the basic equipments you will need in beekeeping.