Tips in Harvesting


  • When extracting honey, you should have a bucket of water and dishtowel available. Honey can be really sticky.
  • When inside an extracting room, some bees might be carried. These bees are not inclined to sting even if they are away from their hive. So you don’t have to worry much.
  • You can sue kitchen utensils as substitutes in extracting you honey. Bread knives to uncap the wax and kitchen strainers or nylon stockings in filtering the honey. However, a good centrifugal extractor is still the best to use.
  • Let your honey settle in order to avoid having tiny bubbles around the rim of the jar.
  • Whenever you extract honey, it would be wise to do it inside a closed screened room because some bees will rob your honey when there is no nectar flow.
  • Butyric acid or Bee Go has been proven to be really stinky and most effective in clearing the bees from the super.
  • You can borrow harvesting equipments like extractors from other beekeepers. These are only used one to two days each year by beekeepers.
  • When extracting honey, work will be done faster with two people: one uncapping, the other spinning.
  • Avoid using utensils used with melted wax for anything else.
  • While extracting, make sure to replace bad combs and rotten boxes.