Methods of Extracting

honey harvest
The fastest and easiest way of getting the honey from the cells is by using a mechanical extractor. The wax caps from the frames must be removed first before putting the frames into the extractor. In removing the wax caps, you can use a special uncapping knife.

Some people use bread knives in removing the caps. You can use 2 knives that are heated in hot water in order to remove the cap easier. Slice off the wax caps and expect honey to flow. When there is more wax left in the comb, the bees will have to make less of it when you return the frames. You can still squeeze more honey from the wax caps later.

When you finally removed the wax caps, put the frame in the extractor’s wire baskets then spin the frame using the extractor’s hand crank. After about 30 seconds, remove the frames and turn them around in order to get the honey. But in other extractors, you do not have to remove the frames anymore. After spinning, the frames appear to be wet because there is still honey in it. You will have to give the wet frames back to the bees though. The bees will quickly fill the frames again with honey.
In case you don’t have a mechanical honey extractor, you can actually use a spoon. You can simply scrape the wax and honey into a basin by using a spoon. Extracting honey doesn’t actually need expensive equipments, but using spoons may damage you wax frames.