Equipments in Harvesting

Extractor – a machine used to take honey out of the frames by spinning them. They came in many sizes and can be built at home. There are also manufactured models but can be quite expensive. Prices range from $200 to $300.

Uncapping Knife – this is a special knife used in cutting the wax caps of the frames. Bread knives that are heated can also be used as substitutes. Electrically heated knives are also available.

Spoon – used as a substitute in case you don’t have an extracting machine. It is used to scrape the wax and honey from the frames. Although this might save you money, spoon can damage your frames. Using spoon can also be messy and sticky.

Chemical solution – used in order to remove the bees from the honey supers. There are commercial products available like Bee-Go and Fischer’s Bee-Quick. These are used in combination with a fume board to clear the honey supers.

Bee Suit – honey bees can be really aggressive especially when someone tries to steal their food. It is always wise to wear the suit to avoid getting stung.