Killer Bees

killer bee
Killer bees originated from Africa. These bees react to the disturbance around their hive. If they are disturbed, they will stay angry even for days.

When a killer bee stings, a pheromone alarm is released that smells like a banana. When other bees smell the pheromone, other stings will be incited to sting as well.

Like other kinds of bees, African killer bee dies after it stings. After they sting, the tiny barb on the stinger will get stuck in the skin of the victim. As it flies away, the killer bee will rip its abdomen which causes its death.
The result of the sting for human is the usual discomfort but the bee that stung will die eventually.

When you get attacked, you can out run them because African Killer bees are slow fliers. When you run away, run in a straight line while protecting your face. If possible, avoid running into other people because they would be attacked as well.

Seek medical attention immediately. There are people that are extremely allergic to bee sting and could suffer anaphylactic shock. A sting of an Africanized bee will cause possible allergic response.