Basic equipment in building your own beehive

In creating your own new beehive you will need the following equipments:

Bottom Board – a stand made of wood where the hive rests.  Bottom boards should be set on solid grounds like bricks or concrete to keep it off the ground.

Hive body or brood chamber – a box usually called a ‘super’ which holds 10 frames of comb.

Frames and foundation – wooden frames used in holding beeswax foundation imprinted with the shape of hexagonal cells. These are used by bees in building straight combs.

Queen excluder – a device used in order to keep the queen in the brood nest, not in the honey supers.

Honey supers – these are shallow supers wherein bees store excess honey.

Inner cover – bees will be prevented from attaching comb to outer cover.

Outer cover – serves as protection from the weather.

You can buy all of these and other equipments from bee equipment suppliers. The exterior part of the wooden bee hive must be coated with oil based paint. The interior frames should be assembled using nails and wood glue.