Beekeeping Equipments

In managing your bee hives, there are certain equipments you would need. These items listed below are what most beekeepers need but it is not really compulsory to have all of it. However, your hive will be managed properly if you have complete tools.
A Bee smoker is used to calm honeybees by blowing smoke into their beehive. This is especially used before doing any handling on the hive. You can manage your hive even if you don’t have all the other basic equipments. A bee smoker is the most important item among the bee equipments.

A Bee suit is a dress worn by beekeepers in order to avoid getting stung by bees. A good bee suit must not have a “sting target” and should be of lighter color. Bees are easily attracted to darker colors. However, the bee hat or veil worn over the face must be of darker colors to eliminate blinding light from the sun. A drooping suit is much preferred so the fabric is away from the skin. A bee glove can also be used but some suggests gloves are generally hard to work with and makes maneuvering objects harder. Even if you wear gloves, bees still sting you. Use gloves only when the bees are aggressive.

Other Bee Hive Accessories

  • Bee Blower – used to remove the bees from the honeycombs before extracting your honey bees.
  • Bee Brush – used to remove the honey bees from combs during inspections and harvesting of honey.
  • Bee Escape – used for evacuating all worker bees. It allows worker bees to escape from the honey super without returning.
  • Boardman Feeder – Used for watering the beehive and for feeding the honeybees.
  • Fume Board – used to pilot the bees out of the supers when harvesting honey. It contains a chemical repellant in order to drive the bees down into the brood chamber.
  • Grafting tool – used when transferring larvae.
  • Steel Hive Tool – used to open the hive and scrape beeswax and propolis from the hive parts.
  • Uncapping Knife – Used in getting rid of the cappings from the combs.